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The fluid blog

January 30, 2013

Don’t be a drip

We don’t need to worry about saving water in this part of the world, right? There are flippin’ massive lakes all around us. WRONG!

Wasted water is a big problem that costs us all money as QLDC’s current campaign points out. ‘Our Water’ is all about raising awareness of the problem and promoting ways to save $100,000 from ratepayers’ bills over the next ten years.

Fluid (no pun intended) helped the Council develop the campaign with some press ads and posters to spread the watery word.

QLDC Our Water campaign

QLDC Hidden Cost of Water ad

January 28, 2013

Hey Gringo!

“Hola muchachos, quisiero un website muy bonito!”
“Si Senor, momento por favor…”

And so the conversation nearly went when our amigos Nick & Liz Yuki at Bandit asked us to redesign their online presence into a great-looking e-commerce bodega. They’re currently plotting a full-scale US invasion at the SIA Snow Show in Colorado before dominating the coming NZ winter.


January 24, 2013

Iconic NZ

Skyline Enterprises’ acquisition of Totally Tourism last year created one of NZ’s most exciting tourism companies with a portfolio of iconic brands. We were asked to develop a cross-selling tool for each operator to hand out to their customers. Our solution – a neat, map-fold voucher booklet showcasing each brand and rewarding loyalty with a 10% discount across the board.

November 28, 2012

Asian Tigers

There’s a lot of talk in the tourism sector about reaching out to China and other emerging Asian markets but what’s the best way to go about it?

Connect Asia is a new Queenstown business promoting hand-picked products from local tour operators direct to millions of potential new customers.

We created a brand for the new venture and produced Chinese language promotional material for offshore trade marketing. Co-founders, Yoji and Ji hail from Japan and China respectively and certainly know a few things about targeting Asian tourists. Yoji launched Qbook a couple of years back and Ji has helped many local businesses – including Skyline – as a consultant.

Want to know the best way to target Asia? Talk to the locals…

November 11, 2012

What is real?

Duncan Spear of Puzzling World set us the challenge of redesigning his main DL brochure using the new style we’d created for his press advertising. The main conundrum was how to preview his new attraction which hadn’t yet been built and didn’t even have a name. After a few minutes scratching our heads we came up with something that we think captures the weird and wonderful nature of Wanaka’s most-visited attraction.

The frontroom blog

fluid photo challenge

For nearly a year, a diminishing but dedicated group of amateur photographers has been taking weekly snaps based on 52 randomly selected themes. Now the results are displayed in our Front Room exhibition space. Drop by any time in August for a look see.

June at the Front Room

In June the Front Room will be hosting a exhibition with a twist by local photographer, Paul Lambert. As the title suggests, Paul’s images are not posed and staged but reflect candid moments in time during his travels around the world.

Come along to the launch party at 6pm on Friday 1st June, or drop by any weekday. The exhibition runs until 29th June.









The Front Room held an opening night for Toby Eglesfield’s new show “Tube Drawings’ on Thursday 16th February. The opening was a great opportunity for everyone to hear from Toby about how his images were formed and some of the reactions he had making them.

“Tube drawings” is a series of forty-four A6 pencil studies of passengers riding the London underground.

Selected from a larger set of more than a hundred drawings, the sketches were made during the month of August in 2011. The subjects are generally unaware of their quick modeling sessions, preferring instead to gaze into a space just beyond their nose, engage with a book or phone, or doze off with their head lolling to the motion of the carriage.







Displayed together, the drawings represent a compelling cross section of the people who ride the underground and the quirky, sometimes humorous atmosphere that comes to the fore upon reflection of the unique setting.

Each drawing is marked with a record of where it was made and is referenced to a larger map accompanying them at the exhibition.

Come on by any time, the show runs until mid March – many of the sketches have already sold but there are a few left so make sure you don’t miss out.


Contemporary art jewellery exhibition

We’re all a bit excited about the New Year, especially because the Front Room will be adorned with contemporary jewellery!

Queenstown contemporary art jeweller, Jessica Winchcombe is no stranger to accolades or art openings.

Her January show at The Front Room in Queenstown is her twelfth opening in as many months. This one is perhaps the closest to home – the other shows entertained art lovers in Sydney, Berlin, Amsterdam, Auckland and various other jetsetting destinations.

Jessica looks at how curation compliments conceptual ideas. This exhibition features the work of five contemporary jewellers (including herself).

This isn’t the latest in engagement rings or beaded friendship bracelets: the cutting edge exhibition redefines what jewellery is, shining a light on the limitless potential of the art form.

Join us at 6pm January 11th 2012 for the exhibition opening (with bubbles of course!). Be sure to check out the Front Room facebook page for more details and artist information.

a big thank you

Fluid and the Front Room crew would like to thank everyone who attended our Pecha Kucha and Film Nights over the past few months.

All events were in support of the Wakatipu Youth Trust and your door entry donations have raised $716 which will be used to directly assist Wakatipu kids who need it.

Well done everyone and thanks for putting something back.

Jacqui, Laura, Nathan and Fiona sent us a lovely letter back which you can read below:

To the Fluid team and all who have supported your events,
We would like to thank you for your generous support of The Youth Booth, Wakatipu Youth Trust.
We are a youth support and advocacy organization for all youth age 10-24 in the Wakatipu region. Our work is multifaceted and includes running ‘The Youth Booth’ youth centre, going into the schools, running activities and programmes, skill building, mentoring, advocacy and much more.
The money you have raised for us is incredibly appreciated.
We often need to subsidize our programmes for youth who are unable to afford even the low costs we manage to arrange for our trips & activities.
We all know that youth are hungry when they get home from school – especially those who, for whatever reason, didn’t get lunch or ate it all at morning tea! To be able to buy some fruit & rolls when needed sometimes for youth in the centre is supplying some of these basic needs.
To have this discretionary money to go towards such things as these – for which we can’t get grants – is so very useful.
Thank you for choosing us as your NGO of choice this year – the funds will be well used!

Warm Regards
The Youth Booth Team
Jacqui Moir, Laura Cross, Nathan Baxter & Fiona Sawers

A big bag of cash

Pecha Kucha Queenstown – 7pm – November 23 – 2011


The Front Room is a new gallery in Queenstown to host temporary exhibitions and one-off events. An informal, street level space attached to a working graphic design and branding agency, it’s a non-traditional gallery in a non-traditional location.

Our region is a magnet for creative people attracted by both landscape and lifestyle, but inspiration found in the shadow of the Southern Alps is sometimes outshone by the bright lights of larger urban centres. The Front Room is a showcase for talent, intended to draw our creative community together and give them a voice.

Art, photography, illustration, sculpture, design, film, creative writing, ideas. Drop by and see what’s on.

Address: 10 Memorial St, Queenstown, New Zealand 9348.
Phone: 03 442 6739
Curator: Annika Dawkins

The fluid brainspill


Brainspill is a bespoke brainstorming tool developed by Fluid to help unlock potential within your business. The perfect way to kick-start a project, collect feedback from events, key customers and suppliers and motivate your team.

Questionnaires, lots of coloured pens and sticky tape combine to get your creative juices flowing.

For a product sheet email

Fluid Visual Communications
10 Memorial Street
Queenstown, NZ
03 442 6739

Superoldman! The waiter did it! It's business time!

Annika Dawkins | Graphic Designer
Creativity and a solid arts background make Annika the perfect designer for new and concept-driven clients. Annika is the glue which holds the team together – always challenging us to think outside the box and ask the awkward questions. Where would we be without her?

Chris Rae | Web Manager
Chris lives in the world of code. Sometimes it can be hard to understand what he does but the results speak for themselves. A tough, analytical approach to the web gives Chris the lead when it comes to getting your web project really cranking.

Debbie Crews | Financial Controller
Deb looks after the dollars, keeps us all honest and makes sure there’s biscuits in the cookie jar. The financial wheels are what keep every business moving and Deb is the one that keeps them oiled.

Leigh Jeffery | Productivity Manager
The engine room. Keeping all those projects moving and making sure the clients get what they need and keeping everyone happy. That’s Leigh. Every project is only as good as the information going into it and Leigh is the expert at getting things moving and keeping them moving.

Lou Stevens | Designer
Lou is Irish, therefore survives solely on potatoes & Guinness. Despite this she has managed to rack up five years of experience in the graphic design industry including two years in publication design amongst many other things. She took a career break to travel the world and ended up ‘stuck’ here in Queenstown, working as a graphic designer.

Nick Gladding | Graphic Designer
Nick is a culture vulture. He also loves getting amongst the epic south island landscape. In fact he’s pretty passionate about most things he does. His fresh, vibrant approach to design and flair for developing big ideas has made him an integral part of the Fluid design team.

Paul Green | Studio Manager
With over twenty years in the design industry and a passion for the visual world, Paul brings a new level of creativity to the business. He also owns the cutest kombi van you’ll ever see. Lucky bugger.

Sam White | Account Manager
The wordsmith. Also a project manager with a keen eye for detail and a long view on every project. Sam has been in the marketing game for over 15 years now and he knows how to talk directly to your customers.

Tim Buckley | Creative Director
Owner of the company, designer, project manager and branding nerd. Tim has been involved with marketing and design in the Queenstown tourism industry since 1996. Hailing from the UK, Tim has worked for a number of UK and NZ agencies and thrives on unlocking the potential of your brand from a customer perspective.

Michelle Nicholson | Web Designer
Michelle is the newest member of team Fluid and brings with her a wealth of website and graphic design experience. She originally hails from Southland but has worked in agencies in London, Melbourne, Christchurch and Dunedin throughout the past nine years. Michelle is fond of a good Otago pinot with a healthy balance of swimming and skiing.

Sophie Kennedy | Project Manager
Sophie is our resident whip cracker extraordinaire, keeping us on task with her robust systems and winning grin. She has a strong background in tourism, events management, communications, marketing and website management. Having been on all sides of the client, design and website fence, she’ll help you translate the geek speak and get complex projects across the finish line.

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