The Brief

Paul and his team approached us to design labels for their new beer brand within four weeks. They had a brand name and just wanted some packaging. However, we had to take a holistic approach and questioned the name. This might have seemed like we were pushing the timing...


The Process

Developing a new brand concept and names for the different beers was the start of an amazing relationship with Paul. His trust in our team was rewarded with a unique brand that stands out in the market. He immediately loved the idea of the 'Bad Neighbour' story and how this came to life through the characters that represent the beers.


Once this idea was born, we quickly got onto developing the visuals for the labels and packaging boxes where our talented illustrator and our packaging expert worked hand in hand on multiple steps of the process to achieve maximum efficiency on this project.


Our in-depth knowledge of packaging and specialised printing processes allowed us to utilise substrate labels that add a high quality feel to any packaging while still being an economically viable option (they are not as expensive as they look!).

The Result

The project was delivered within the set timeframe and the outcome surpassed the expectations our client and impressed their customers:


"We've received much feedback, mostly regarding the taste or flavour of the beers, but we haven’t had anyone that doesn’t like the design. It seems people like the design far better than the beers themselves as everyone tends to hold the bottle in hand and stare for a little while, using words like “catchy”, ”shiny” and “looks expensive” to describe the labels. Bex and Ronnie did a great job on designing, very well done!"