The Method

At Fluid we have developed a number of proven tools which we use to build a strong and compelling narrative for your brand. These tools have helped many businesses to build a meaningful set of key messages and beliefs which can be used to attract customers and keep them coming back.

method brainspill fluid


Our bespoke brainstorming tool, Brainspill is a purpose-built discovery session which is used to uncover the hidden truths at the heart of your brand. Proven over the last decade to deliver truly game-changing results, Brainspill is a half-day journey aimed at uniting your team and forging a new path for your business.

method gobox fluid


Our team includes strategic thinkers who are available on a contract basis to work within your business to deliver specific projects and help you get new products to market. We use tried and tested processes along with the latest project management tools to help you bring your ideas to life.

method front room fluid

FrontRoom ShareSpace

Our collaborative studio ecosystem for creatives innovators and tech freelancers. People naturally thrive when they collaborate in co-working spaces. Let your ideas flourish and your work be fruitful with the right nourishment. If you need some space to get your thing going get in touch. We’ve got a range of hot-desk options available from daily to monthly to yearly and rates to fit all budgets.


More Details

method framework


Every brand needs visuals whether it’s illustration, photography, video or a whole suite of graphics, our team are experts at crafting the right image to support your story. We oversee the whole storyboarding process and collaborate with you before activating our team and managing all the details. A picture paints a thousand words…

method fluent projects

Fluent Projects

This is where the creative comes from. We have a dedicated team of designers, copywriters, artworkers and programmers who are always hungry and keen to get started on your next exciting project. We always match your needs with the perfect designer which is why so many of our clients keep coming back for more.

method print shop


Yes of course we ‘do printing’. The question is do you want it just printed or do you want to work with industry leaders who are producing exciting new products and turning the very idea of print on its head. We know who we like to work with and trust and we think our clients will agree.

method cardsmiths

Card Smiths

Sometimes you need to hand over something a bit more impressive than a mass-produced business card on standard stock. Card Smiths is a hand-crafted letterpress service which we have developed with one of the few letterpress experts left in New Zealand. The results are stunning and unique (and yep, they cost more, and yep, they’re well worth it).

method webkicker fluid


Low cost, simple websites are the best way for small businesses to test the online waters. Don’t waste your energy trying to work out how to do it yourself when you can use our purpose built Q&A tool to organise your content. Then leave it to our team of experts to build a stunning, responsive site so you can get on with building your business.